TOO Reflective!

She’s getting so big but still so little.

It brought happy tears to my eyes last night when she read to me a book we have been reading to her since she was a baby. Pigeon Needs a Bath, by Mo Willems (by the way, I absolutely ADORE Mo Willems. His 3 weeks of Lunch doodles at the beginning of the pandemic were fantastic!) I remember making the silly tone of voice for all of the funny things the pigeon says. I remember her giggling about how he says it’s a perfectly normal smell…for a pigeon. I remember laughing myself when he keeps giving excuses as to why the bath won’t work, “Too hot, too cold, too hot again, not enough toys, too many toys,” and my favorite, “TOO reflective!” heehee.

We read that book to her many, many times. And now here she is, reading it to me. Adding her own personality to its pages. Bringing the pigeon to life in her own way. With her own unique pigeon voice. Her own reading expression. It all comes together in fantastic storytelling magic that pulls at my mama heartstrings. I’m so proud of her but also just feel the time passing too quickly.

But just when I think she is getting too big, she snuggles up with me after I sing her her bedtime song, and wraps her little fingers around my finger and buries her face into my chest and sighs sleepily. And I know I have her for at least a little while longer.

5 thoughts on “TOO Reflective!

  1. How beautiful that you cherish these moments WHILE they are happening! No small thing! Thank you for sharing a month of wonderful slices; I always enjoy reading you. Hoping to continue to see you soon…


  2. These are my absolute FAVORITE times. My near 7 year old has started really reading. Her favorite thing is so read to me a brand new (to her) book. It’s such a cool thing to see.

    Also—Mo rocks!

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