My First

I realized that I’ve been talking a lot about my daughter on here. But what about my son??

He’s 5 1/2 now but he’s my first baby. He’s so very special to me. He’s the first time I ever felt a flutter, kick, and rooooollll in my belly. It was the coolest thing ever, and I’ll never forget it. The only thing cooler (and also much more painful! Although not as painful as his sister who came so fast mommy didn’t have time to get any meds!!) was feeling a baby come through me and into the world. It’s followed by pure relief and joy when I saw him and felt his soft, slippery skin for the first time. This little guy I had in my belly for all that time was here and I was holding him. I’ll never forget it. He gave me that. That gives us a pretty special bond. I felt that with my daughter too of course, but him being the first…it’s a little extra special.

I got to spend his whole first year, just me and him. He was such a mellow baby, it was wonderful. We went for walks and just hung out. I loved it. We did a lot of snuggling then and we do a lot of snuggling now. He’s my cuddly boy. He’s my sensitive boy. He’s my boy who keeps asking “can I call you mom?” just to try it out and then 2 minutes later is saying “Mama, can you read to me?” 🙂

He’s definitely a boy who likes balls and cars and legos and super heroes and light sabers and sound effects and nerf guns and wrestling on the ground and sports. And I love doing all that with him. But he’s also very tender and loves hugs and kisses and snuggles. And dance parties 🙂

And he made me a mama.




4 thoughts on “My First

  1. He made me a mama. I love that line.

    I feel the same about my first born – she made me a mommy and I’ll never, ever forget that first moment when I held her in my arms.

    This was beautiful.


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