It was good, but it was no custodian sermon

Our pastor left our church about 2 years ago. I am still super bummed about this. He was great. Funny but not too funny. Edgy but not too edgy. A little sarcastic. Creative.  Innovative with his sermons. I mean, the guy brought a live camel on the stage once. That was memorable. But he didn’t over do things. He wasn’t going over the top all the time. It was all done with a point. I miss him.

The best sermon EVER was the very first Easter Service we ever saw of his. He told it from the point of view of the custodian cleaning up after the crucifixion. That sounds maybe bloodier than it really was. It was just sort of a side view or an ordinary onlooker’s view/behind the scene’s view of what happened. And it was awesome. The most powerful message I’d ever heard. And have ever since. And it was nothing too flashy. It was just the way he told it. Great writing and great delivery. He was a really good actor.

The last day he was there, I didn’t realize how attached I had gotten. I mean, we went to church as much as we could, but we don’t go every single week, and we’re not part of the church like many others are. But they put together a freaking photo montage and blasted the emotional music and GOSH DARN IT, I am the BIGGEST SUCKER for photo montages. I think that’s why I still watch the Biggest Loser. It’s so inspirational when they put on that music!!!!  It wouldn’t even have mattered that it was my pastor leaving. It could be a bunch of photos of doorknobs or dish soap, but fade pictures in and out and play “Fight Song” or “Wind Beneath my FREAKING Wings” and let the tears and bellowing commence.

Anyway, so today was Easter Service. Our new pastor is okay. He’s sort of funny. He’s kind of creative. And maybe if I wasn’t comparing him to the old guy, I’d like him better. But I just can’t help it. Today, he tried to have some cool symbolism. But for a while it was quite lost on me. He had a coffin on stage. Yiiiiikes. It was like my worst nightmare. He just kept talking about dying and how we’re all going to die and go in the coffin and I wanted to run screaming!!! I knew what he was getting at, but I was like WHERE IS MY OLD PASTOR????!!! (and I might need some xanax if you don’t stop talking about how I’m going to be in that coffin!!) It eventually got better and the ending was kind of good, but it definitely was no custodian sermon…sigh.


3 thoughts on “It was good, but it was no custodian sermon

  1. It’s hard when you have a pastor you love, and he leaves, and you know you are not supposed to go to church just for the pastor, but you still really miss that pastor! Happy Easter!


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