How baby wipes are saving my sanity. And my house.

Many of you may not approve of the following blog. If you are a clean freak or OCD, you might want to just step away from the computer/phone screen right now. I’m warning you. Don’t say I didn’t.

So, I have a really hard time keeping my house clean. It was a topic of a slice last year. Lately, I have really tried to get my act in gear. I rearranged where I put clothes (closet vs. dresser) and bought a clothes drying rack that hangs from the ceiling to keep things more organized in the laundry room. So far, I’ve kept up with all of that and it has gotten my clothes off my bedroom floor!

The kitchen…still needs some help, but it’s usually not too far gone. I’m not going to lie (clean fanatics, if you’re still with me…breathe), there are still many days that dishes are left piled in and spilling out of the sink for more than one day. But I feel like in general, we have gotten better.

Then there’s the master bathroom…maybe we shouldn’t talk about that. After all, even though I did walk into a wall the other day, I feel like I’ve maintained most of your respect this month. If I open myself up about my deepest darkest most hideous secret…you may never come back. Let’s just say…it’s awful. BUT, again, in our recent efforts to improve, my husband has been trying to figure out what’s best to clean the floor because it’s a really annoying kind of ceramic tile that isn’t smooth. It’s got a grain to it so everything sticks to it and then won’t come off! He’s made improvements on the cleaning process but being the engineer that he is, he presses on for a better solution. And then the counters…shudder…

Anyhoo, as I was “baby wipe” mopping my kitchen floor the other day, (We still have them around for cleaning up sticky hands and faces, even though both kids are potty trained) it suddenly dawned on me. These could be the answer to my cleaning woes! This could be the genius invention that keeps us from going over the edge from gross to really disgusting. What if I kept a box of wipes on the bathroom counter and could just grab and clean! What works for my kitchen floor (yes, I do actually mop sometimes too) is not too good for my bathroom counter!  Heck, why not the toilets too! Baby wipes for everyone! Counter, you get a wipe! Toilet, you get a wipe! Faucet, you get a wipe! Sink, you get a wipe! You all get a wipe!!

Cleaners, OCDers, and most normal human beings, here is some smelling salt. Fan yourself with my copy of Nasty Bathrooms Anonymous, the complete guide. (although, not so anonymous anymore…) You may think this is not the answer! You may think the baby wipes are not getting things clean enough! You may think, how can she live like this?! But you know what, not quite clean enough, is WAY better than vile beyond belief. At least, they are wet, and wipe stuff off. At least, it looks clean. And I promise, when I actually have guests come over, I’ll use something to really disinfect.

But baby wipes might have just saved my sanity. And my house. From me.

(In 2 minutes, I cleaned the kids toilets and counter. They are sparkling!)

7 thoughts on “How baby wipes are saving my sanity. And my house.

  1. The folks in the classroom next door are probably wondering why I’m laughing so loudly! What a great slice! Your voice shines throughout the piece and you engaged my attention from the opening paragraph. While I love my Clorox wipes, you showed that baby wipes are also useful:)


    1. I don’t like clorox wipes. The dispensers are horrible and I end up pulling out and ripping every wipe from the whole thing! Plus, for me, it’s easier to use the baby wipes because they are already in my house. And now that the bathrooms are stocked with them too, I’m all set 🙂

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  2. I love the ease of wipes – window wipes, dust wipes etc. Cleaning is not specialty. My daughter’s room is scary too! Cheers to spending time doing what you love versus cleaning.

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    1. Yeah, I always love the idea of a cleaning lady. But right now…I’d have to clean up before she came! If I can get my act in gear enough to have things put away, then maybe. Problem is that 2 of my biggest problems are laundry and dishes, which they don’t usually do. They could help with the nasty bathrooms though 🙂


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