Can we have a party?

I hear those words almost every day. In a sweet little 4 year old voice. “Mama, can we have a party today?” Some parties are low key and only involve music and a small homemade present made for mommy. But there are days where that simply is not enough for little miss future event coordinator.  Some parties require decorations both pre-made (it’s actually a good use of old birthday party decorations that I keep for seemingly no reason) and homemade, music, homemade presents made by little one AND mommy that are for each other and daddy and older brother, snacks, party crowns, games, and a cake of some kind. And then it’s usually someone’s birthday, whether it is or not. Complete with candle lighting and birthday song singing.

While these party requests can grow a little tiresome day after day after day, it’s hard to resist the smile, the voice, the cheeks, the excitement. Oh, the excitement. I just love how she finds such wonder in everything. And this time, it’s the idea of getting our family together, giving presents away that she worked hard on, and dancing the time away.

And hopefully getting some cake 😉

5 thoughts on “Can we have a party?

  1. What a sweet post…and how it brings back the memories of my own children at this innocent age.

    What a wonderful reminder that life should be filled with music and celebrations and giving and family…and love! I enjoyed this very much.

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  2. This was such a refreshing slice! I felt like I was a guest at the party sharing her excitement, watching her smile, listening to a squeaky, maybe breathless voice, and noticing her rosy cheeks from all of her busyness. I hope she continues to ask to have parties. My 13 y/o keeps asking her own question – “Can we go to Target?” When she was 4, she often asked “Can I have a picnic?” which meant that she wanted her small blanket spread on her bed under her covers to keep her warm! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the younger years. I miss them!

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  3. I can so relate to this post and your daughter’s excitement. We have dance parties, book parties, Elephant and Piggie parties and pool parties in our bathtub at our house. My husband and I giggle about our almost four year old daughter’s tone when she wants to play something and we must do exactly what she envisions we should be doing. Thanks for sharing about your parties.

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  4. I can just see that little, precious face, so full of life. I loved this line, “it’s hard to resist the smile, the voice, the cheeks, the excitement.” I’m a sucker for cheeks too. Thanks for sharing! Party on!!

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  5. My son is the same way! He’s seven now, but started when he was about 4…”Mommy, it’s the cat’s birfday. We need a cake.” He is obsessed with cats and has two real ones and 16 stuffies, and they have a suspicious amount of birthdays between them! Any day is better with a child, a party and some candles in the “birfday cake.” 😀

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