Magic Kisses

Jammies are on. Teeth have been brushed. Stories have been read. Songs have been sung. Just one last thing to do before we turn the lights out and say good night.

My 9 year old song is a cuddler. BOOOOOY is he a cuddler. Asks for cuddles all the time. Loves to hug and kiss. It’s awesome. So our night time routine, of course, involves lots of snuggles. I sing to each kid separately. He will not let me start singing unless I’m laying down next to him in bed.

After the song is over, we now engage in our last routine. It started a few months ago, has evolved a bit over time, and is now a requirement. It starts with the best hug there ever was. He even has to make sure his arm is around me a certain way for maximum cuddle power. Sometimes, he’ll add “I love you so much” said very quickly.

Then come the kisses. He has to go first and always starts on my right cheek. So, right cheek, left cheek, and chin. Then an air kiss on the lips, for love (we used to do it on the lips, but between the flu, colds, and cold sores, we have been avoiding kisses on the lips). After that is an air kiss on the nose, for “feel better or stay well.” Last kiss is the best. It’s the magic kiss. My son gives THE BEST kisses on the forehead. I actually ask for them when I have a migraine, and I swear it makes them go away.

After his kisses, we start all over again with another amazing hug. And then it’s my turn to give kisses. And then we usually end with ANOTHER hug 🙂 He’ll often say, “You can’t get away with hugs and kisses!”

I love my sweet, loving boy so much.

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