Let’s put a hundred marbles in there!

My kids generally get along pretty well for a brother and sister. My son adores his little sister. He’s got some issues with us, but he LOVES her. He kisses her on the top of the head when they hug goodbye in the morning, sticks up for her at the park, and patronizes her when she wants to show him something that isn’t so cool but he says it’s cool anyway. And she loves him too. She has to run from the kitchen table every morning to get her goodbye hug, has to get a goodnight hug each night, and loves making presents for him while he’s away at school. They just love each other.

My heart is made happy today after dinner. My son runs into the family room, grabs the marble race box and says, “Oo Sister! Let’s play this!!” Her little 4 year old feet pitter patter across the kitchen floor as fast as they will take her into the room. “Suuuuuure!!” She reaches him, and they dump every one of the 2,437,163 pieces inside the box onto the carpet. But I don’t care. They begin creating together. It’s awesome.

After a few minutes of happy sounding voices and giggles, I hear pitter pats coming towards my office. My little blondy pops her head in and she says in her little 4 year old voice, “We need some help! We tried making it but it all got destroyed!” So, mommy to the rescue. After I help them stabilize it while they make their marble track, my big boy says, “Alright Sister, let’s test it out…Look it works! Okay, let’s put A HUNDRED marbles in there!!”

I walk away and hear the excitement in the sounds coming from the room behind me.

8 thoughts on “Let’s put a hundred marbles in there!

  1. It’s great when siblings get along. I have a boy and a girl and love watching their love for each other grow. They have their moments at times, but at the end of the day, they hug and kiss each other good night.

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  2. That is so awesome! My son is the exact same way with my daughter! He adores her, and she follows him everywhere. They almost never fight (knock on wood), and just love each others company. It is so cool to watch this and I am glad that your situation sounds so similar. Kids can be pretty great sometimes!

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    1. They can be pretty great sometimes. I’m not going to lie. They are still brother and sister. So they still fight. And he has some anger issues wear working through but that’s what’s even more surprising is that with that going on, none of it is direct med towards her. (except normal sibling stuff) He just loves her. And she thinks he’s her hero 🙂


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