Wrestle and Tickle

Breakfast is finished. Dishes have been cleared. Pancakes have not yet been digested, but apparently, it’s time to wrestle!

Sometimes warring sides, brother and sister, unite against the evil forces of Daddy and his tickling hands of terror. They attack, full force, brother on the south end, sister on the north, attempting to take down the tremendous power of paternal arms and legs. But Daddy is too strong and they go down, one, then the other. Giggles and screams ensue from the tangle of family members sprawled on the family room floor. They do not give up though. “Get off my sister!” the courageous brother cries. With newfound strength, he gets the upper hand on his father and begins his counterattack. Sister wriggles free and joins in on the action, tickling and tackling, “Leave my brother alone!”

Soon, though, Daddy has reestablished his power and the brother and sister holler for Mommy’s help. Putting aside her loathing of tickling, Mommy dashes into the fray to help save her children. She calls on her mommy strength and pins Dad down while her offspring commence a barrage of tickles and torment. A suddenly free hand reaches out and tickles Mom’s stomach to which she screams and sits on said hand. We have him. We have him. We have hi… HE’S BROKEN FREE!! Every family member for themselves!! Mommy sacrifices her children to escape the clutches of her husband.

Howls and shrieks resume as the children are futile in their attempts to attack and tickle their Daddy. However, finally, age is on their side, as they still have energy to besiege their now tiring Dad. Victory is theirs!


2 thoughts on “Wrestle and Tickle

  1. You know my thoughts on tickling lol…but yet we find ourselves in these fun playful family battles more than I can count. Our children will remember this about us, our willingness to get down and play with them. Sounds like some fun post-breakfast family time!


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