Is everything going to be okay?

A few weeks ago, I had few feelings about it. Everything will be okay.

A few days ago, the fearful feelings started to slowly creep in. I think everything will be okay.

Last night, panic started to creep in and more quickly than before. Is everything going to be okay?

Today, panic is here. I can’t seem to keep it out of my mind. I’m afraid everything won’t be okay.



10 thoughts on “Is everything going to be okay?

  1. I’m right with you! I had SUCH a hard time pulling my brain together to write anything today. I can’t ever remember being so distracted. You pack a powerful statement into this piece with so few lines–I think through the structure, where each statement covers how your thinking has changed over time from “it will be okay” to the fear that it won’t be.

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  2. I agree with you. I thought this would be no big deal and blow over quickly. Now they are canceling major events and everybody at the grocery store tonight was loading up on toilet paper.

    I love the sequence of your words and the way it builds emotion. You showed a lot of emotion with just a few lines.


  3. It’s hard not to panic. I find myself taking deep breaths and reassuring myself that things will be okay. Your poem progressed just as my feelings have this week. If was difficult to slow my mind today and write. Hoping that tomorrow brings some peace.


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