The rain never bothered them anyway

I love kids. I love their outlook on life. And even on, the weather. My 6 yo daughter was actually excited it was going to rain today. “Yay! I’ll play under the umbrella!” she exclaimed last night.

This morning, I sent them outside so they could get some fresh air before the rain came and we get stuck inside. They stayed out there so long playing and finally, it started…drip drip drip. But instead of asking to come in, she runs up to the door, “Can we have umbrellas?!” So umbrellas they got. First, just walking around doing some covered exploring…89997776_10222306711477518_1906594742141976576_n90153349_10222306583474318_8487137100980813824_n

But then they decided to make a fort with the umbrellas. 90085616_10222306613075058_4350418742585327616_o

When I found a 4th one, my 9yo son yells out, “Yes! Now it is impenetrable to rain!!” and runs out to fortify the fort. 90269025_10222306656356140_2854448566435315712_o

Next up comes the request for towels to make a floor for their umbrella tent and cocoa to keep them warm.

Only after 90 minutes total of being out there, do they both finally retreat to the house for warmth and dry land.

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