We’re going on a shamrock hunt!

I’m sure many of you saw this suggestion circulating on FB a few days ago. You put a shamrock in your window or on your door. Then everyone, in their own time can go around the neighbor and hunt shamrocks! And it’s totally social distance approved, lol!

I put this on my neighborhood FB page just the day before St. Patrick’s Day, and I was so happy with the response! So on the day of the Leprechaun, we headed out to find those shamrocks! My daughter wanted to print out a map of the neighborhood and cross off houses as we saw them. I thought that was a fun addition to the game.

We set out on our bikes, which in hindsight, wasn’t the smartest of ways to look for shamrocks. I realized this as I watch my daughter riding forward while looking directly to her right for several seconds in a row. Oops. Surprisingly, we had no crashes or accidents of any kind!

As we’d come upon a house with a shamrock, one of my kids would yell, “SHAMROCK!!” and we’d all stop to take a look and mark it down. Their excitement grew as we spotted more and more. Then some competition crept in as “I saw it first!” started happening. But all in all, they kept it pretty civil.

After riding up and down the streets of our neighborhood, we finally tired and headed back home. It was a fantastic way of getting out of the house, getting exercise, and adding some excitement to an otherwise run of the mill bike ride around the block. I was even getting into it. My heart would jump just a little when I would see another shamrock!

I’ve already suggested that we do and “egg hunt” like this one again in a couple weeks. (There is something going around on FB that has you do something every couple days, but not sure the excitement would be there if we did it every day.)

I’m so happy we had this activity to put our minds on something light and fun!

(Our Shamrock!)


4 thoughts on “We’re going on a shamrock hunt!

  1. I saw this posted! I am so glad you and your neighbors took part in this (it would have been a bummer to not find any). Hopefully the neighbors will be willing to do the other days’ hunts too! Have fun!

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