Half Moon Eyes

One of the best sights in the world. Half moon eyes. It’s what both of my kid’s eyes look like when they smile super happy, genuine smiles. It’s infectious. It can turn my whole day around. It’s pure joy.

I am sick as a dog, in tons of pain, and tired, but I went to read for my son’s class today (I never get to go to his school because I have to save my sick days for my daughter who is always sick and for my back appointments) and he greets me with…half moon eyes. He runs at me with the biggest smile and almost knocks me over.Ā  As I read, he kept interjecting and reading with me. Getting closer and closer to me.Ā  He was SO happy that I was there. Pure joy.

Then, I went to pick up my daughter from daycare. I walk in…half moon eyes. A huge beautiful smile on that gorgeous girl’s face. She can’t hide her excitement to see mommy. (usually she comes over and tackles me too, but there was cake, so she was understandably sidetracked šŸ˜‰ ) And the rough day I had and will likely continue to have melts away for a few blissful seconds. Pure joy.

Half moon eyes. I love that they have the same smile. The same eyes. The same true love for mama.

Love you too my little ones.

9 thoughts on “Half Moon Eyes

  1. What a super sweet slice! I love the phrase “half moon eyes” and could immediately picture what you meant. Enjoy your little ones and feel better!


    1. Be forewarned… It’s not all half moon eyes and hugs. I’m sure you’ll see some slices about how I want to lock myself in the pantry, turn on some loud music so I can’t hear the screaming (theirs or mine) and shamefully eat a whole bag of combos in darkness.

      Heh, there’s a whole slice right there!

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